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After having the privilege of serving the Elliot Park Neighborhood for 34 years, we are sorry to announce that Crossroad Preschool will be closing at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you for all of your support and care over the years as we have worked to provide excellent, affordable, God-honoring early childhood education to all of the amazing students and families we have had the opportunity to serve. 

“We love and trust Crossroad Preschool”

-Parent of a Crossroad Kid

Kindergarten Readiness

Your child doesn’t have to fall behind, make sure they’re ready for the transition.


The Skills Your Child Needs

Your child will learn early life skills that are vital to their development and growth.


Your child will know they are chosen and loved by God.

What Makes Crossroad Preschool So Different?

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We understand that it’s scary to leave your child in a new environment, with people they’re not familiar with.

So many questions can run through your mind; what if they need me and I’m not there? What if they get a stomach ache? What if my child gets scared?  We understand this can be a scary thing for you both you and your child, after all, this is a big step.

Maybe you’re worried about your child falling behind. You’re wondering, “are they really going to be ready for Kindergarten? How will I know? Is my child getting the development they need?”

Or maybe you’ve noticed your child becoming more angsty or board at home and you’re wondering “why? I don’t know what to do.” It’s okay, we’ve all wrestled with these things as parents. 

Crossroad Preschool has been helping parents and children navigate these challenges for years. 

We provide a high quality faith-based and affordable early childhood preschool. We’ve made a loving and supportive environment where experiences and opportunities are created for the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth for your child.

Much of education today is “handing off” rather than a “hands on” partnership between parents and educators. We’re here to partner with you. We support you as the primary educators of your children from birth to adulthood. 

As a faith-based Preschool, we aim to help you honor Jesus through every part of life and that includes raising your children from birth to age 5 – the thing that separates Crossroad from other Christian education is that we want your kids to know about Jesus and His love for them.


Discover How Crossroad Preschool Helps Parents Prepare Their Children

A Process That Makes Signing Your Child Up For Preschool Simple

Getting your child the education they need doesn’t have to be hard.


Step 1

Check Availability

Find out if we have openings available for your child.


Step 2

We’ll contact you!

If there are openings we’ll schedule a tour of the preschool.


Step 3

Complete the initial paperwork and pay  $25 Registration Fee.

And just like that, your child is on the way to their first day of Preschool!

“Crossroad is a great option… It’s affordable, close to a park and the teachers and volunteers really love the kids. If I had another option, I’d still choose Crossroad” -A Family of Crossroad Preschool

As a Dad, I love that my daughter has a place where she can learn, play, imagine, make friends, and just ‘be a kid.’  I love asking about her day when she gets home because she always has a fun story to share or something new that she learned.  It’s extremely evident that she really enjoys attending Crossroad.

-Jordan, Father of a Crossroad Kid

Crossroad Preschool has provided a nurturing and exceptionally creative educational environment for our grandson.  The Staff are flexible in providing appropriate support to a variety of student needs/personalities.  It is a blessing to have Crossroad Preschool as the beginnings of our grandson’s school days! -Rose, grandmother of a Crossroad Kid

Gladly Serving Minneapolis

Crossroad Preschool

“We’ve had all three of our kids enrolled at Crossroad” -A Family of Crossroad Preschool