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Every Year Crossroad Provides Scholarships To Those in Need

Getting your child the education they need doesn’t have to be hard.

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As part of the mission of Crossroad Preschool, we offer financial aid to families based on need and the availability of funds. The scholarship program is intended to assist families whose children would benefit from attending Crossroad Preschool and who do not have the financial resources to afford full tuition.

Crossroad Preschool endeavors to create and maintain a scholarship endowment funded by donations and various fundraisers. The main purpose of this fund is to offer assistance to children and families who would not otherwise have access to preschool education or the critical socialization activities provided by an organized program. It is our belief that the head start children receive by attending our program will benefit them and their families in preparing for kindergarten and for years to come. We believe that this jump start on their education and socialization will help children achieve the highest levels of preparedness for learning as children mature into primary and secondary education.  

Each year we will assess our financial resources and offer scholarships commensurate with our ability to provide them. We also believe that each family needs to participate at some level. We look forward to working with families who need assistance by helping them work out a “pay what you can” system. As with any scholarship program, if there is no money to fund scholarships, no scholarships will be offered. The fundraising and donation activities we develop will all be targeted toward our mission of providing the opportunity for all children to receive the best preparation for their future development and education.

Scholarship Qualification Criteria

  • Children must meet the age qualification for Crossroad Preschool enrollment
  • There must be space available in the selected class  
  • The Scholarship Request Form must be filled out, demonstrating need, by July 15th and be submitted along with all registration forms and the registration fee of $25.00 to hold the child’s spot in the selected class

A Process That Makes Applying for Scholarships Easy

Getting your child the education they need doesn’t have to Unaffordable. 

Step 1

Contact us for an application.

Complete the Crossroad Preschool Scholarship Request Form each year, for each child.


Step 2

Submit forms by July 15th


Step 3

Applicants will be notified via letter/email as soon as the request form has been        processed and approved.

*Crossroad Preschool’s scholarship program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation or marital/family status of the child or the parent/guardian.